Innovative technology startups and the ecosystem that supports live in a symbiosis which would never achieve its goals if you ruled startup accelerators and incubators out of the equation.

Lots of challenges are ahead such lack of an entrepreneurship mindset or model of success, lack of initiative towards digital transformation process, cooperation, investment, education, and research.

Since 2019, Western Balkans startup accelerator Uplift today transformed into a wide network of founders, mentors, investors, industry experts and partners, has devoted its cause to support some of the most prominent tech startups in the region graduating 25 startups.

What is Uplift Western Balkans?

Uplift is an early-stage startup acceleration program focused on growing business and value for dozens of innovative startups in the Western Balkans.

With three successful editions, the journey of Uplift started with the support of SOVVA and SlovakAid, last year Uplift Western Balkans redefined itself into a regional initiative to support growth and development of startups and business environment in Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia thanks to a partnership of ICTSlab in Tirana, VentureUP in Kosovo and ICAN in Gostivar.

The fourth edition of Uplift Western Balkans is calling all early-stage startups in the framework of “Qëndro” Project financed by Italian Government, implemented by UNICEF and the financial support of Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection in Albania.

Who can join Uplift Western Balkans and how to apply?

Tech Startups and teams in any field, newly founded startups, early-stage startups, and startups that developed a minimum viable product or service.

Applications to join Uplift Western Balkans acceleration program remain opened until August 31, 2022 by filling this form:

When applications close, all applications will go through Selection Bootcamp on September 8-10-12, 2022 in Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia respectively.

The four months acceleration program starts on September 16, 2022 and will finalize its journey on November 21, 2022.

Why should you join Uplift Western Balkans?

Rewards up to 17 thousand euros in cash for best startups, mentoring with more than 50 Albanian and international industry experts, 4-month acceleration program and studying trips at European entrepreneurship, innovation and technology ecosystems in Slovakia and Austria.

A delegation of startups each year travels to Slovakia and Austria visiting a European innovation ecosystem in the framework of Bridge2EU program. A 5-day program, Bridge2EU is a study trip during which the selected companies and startups will learn and benefit from getting to know a new ecosystem of companies and startups in the technology field.

Uplift Western Balkans has become a space where young founders can build the future of their companies, find support from the community, pilot their products and services, and meet their future investors.

With a variety of industries Uplift Western Balkans has hosted startups from various fields such as health, architecture, fashion, virtual reality, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, educational technology, fintech, virtual assistants, real estate, and video games.

Who are the supporters of Uplift?

Uplift Western Balkans is financially supported by Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection and is organized in the framework of “Qëndro” Project financed by Italian Government and implemented by UNICEF in Albania.

Uplift Western Balkans is a program to support startups and organized by ICTSlab, in cooperation with VentureUP in Kosovo and Ican in North Macedonia.

Uplift also enjoys the support of a broad partnership such as partners such as SwissEP, EU4Innovation, Albvision, Bashkia Tirane, Universiteti i Prishtines, Universiteti i Evropes Juglindore and many more partners.