As we draw closer towards the final phase of Uplift Albania acceleration program, the number of workshops is intensifying with 8 participating startups aiming to help them accomplish their mission and objectives.

The first workshops held during November consisted of diverse topics from public speaking, consumer and value recognition, legal and regulator problems to brand and intellectual property.

On 5 December at Vodafone Albania premises, founder of BitHouse, renowned innovation strategist and digital transformation expert, Jewell Sparks dedicated her time with Uplift Albania startups to S.A.V.E business modelling. This workshop made possible with the support of EU for Innovation and SwissEp Albania.a

On 9 December, Uplift Albania family meet a highly successful entrepreneur and B2B Sales expert Francesco Cracolici. He is the Head of Sales at The Family, one of the most sophisticated infrastructures for startups in Europe.

Eneid Lika, sales expert from Enterprise Lab, Jakob Modeer from SwissEp and Arjodita Mustali from Vigan Group joined this meeting.

The December workshops continued on day 16 with Igor Madzov focusing on Required investment, determining how much investment you need depending on cost base and ambition. Evaluation, negotiation with investors, ROI, Due diligence, term sheet, exit types and so many exciting topics.

During this month, two other meetings will occur. A networking event for startups in collaboration with UK Albania Tech Hub is coming on 20 December.

A workshop will take place on 26 December with Dianna Yau, a Product Manager at Facebook. She has worked for IBM, Google, Rocket Internet in the past and founded Silicon Valley Abroad to help startup ecosystems in emerging markets.

She will speak about product building and scaling at large companies in the emerging markets for billions of users elaborating growth tactics and innovative business models.

Uplift Albania is a regional accelerator founded to support startup ecosystem in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and region. 50 applications arrived at Uplift came from 6 different countries and 9 industries.

Plexusvr, Moovy Food, Ipervox, Amargi, iAvokat,, Addo Group and Game On represent the startups that successfully passed Selection Boot-camp challenge to become part of Uplift Albania.

Uplift Albania was made possible thanks to close partnership of ICTSmedia and SOVVA with the financial support of SlovakAid, Credins Bank, Vodafone Albania, Albvision, Gjonaj Group and with the support of EU for Innovation, Tirana Muncipality, Swissep, Vigan, Tegeria, Luarasi University, ICTSlab. PCWorld Albanian, and SCAN Tv are media partners of this unique event