As with the economy in general, the startup community in Albania struggled to find the necessary space achieve growth and scale.

Albanian startups turned into companies have had a difficult time to gain international recognition and success and the traditional approach towards business remains a key challenge for Albania.

Event like pan-Albanian competition in technology like Albanian ICT Awards are seen as a unique real opportunity for a few startups looking for recognition of their well-deserved aspirations and Albanian innovations.

ICTSmedia publishing house in the field of technology is going a step further towards building a real chance for these startups. With the financial support of the SlovakAid , ICTSmedia launches in Albania a regional accelerator thanks to a close cooperation with Slovak organization SOVVA as the organizing entity of this specific project helping ICTSMedia to transfer expertise and start the first two batches of UPLIFT that comes with a valuable experience in this field.

Uplift Albania will offer its continuous support for startup and innovation ecosystem in Albania. Uplift is a prominent accelerator in Slovakia and Central Europe organized to support and develop startup ecosystem in Slovakia. This initiative now will come to Albania thanks to ICTSmedia broad partnership.

The accelerator is a gold opportunity for business aiming to gain international traction and value opened for every promising startup of the Balkans.

Accelerator, a gold opportunity for startup success
For entrepreneurs seeking an additional boost of support, accelerator programs are effective packages that provide important resources such as seed investment to gradually develop the venture out of the infancy stages, mentorship to provide effective feedback and a source of knowledge, as well as a working space and networking opportunities among other entrepreneurs and industry figures.

Demo Day is another opportunity for entrepreneurs to prepare a presentation and pitch to investors, providing a valuable learning experience and evaluation of a business’s appeal and financial prospects.
Uplift Albania will support winners through a 4-month complex acceleration program with workshops, networking sessions, dedicated training and 1-on-1 mentoring.

Startups will gain access with 50+ industry experts and successful entrepreneurs in Europe and also in the Balkans during the Demo Uplift Day.

50,000 euros potential investment for the best startups
Uplift does not invest in companies directly. However, if you participate in Uplift, you have a chance to secure 50,000 EUR investment through our investment partners. There is also a 3,000 EUR cash prize for the best team.
Thanks to our partners there is no tuition fee to take part in the UPLIFT program (worth several thousand EUR per team) and we do not take any equity from your company.

Startups will have office spaces, full-time engagement in program in Tirana and potential to monetize and scale business internationally.

Uplift Albania is what startups have been waiting for
Application will remain open until 3 November 2019 23:59. On 9 November Selection Bootcamp will take place and on 11 November acceleration program starts officially.

Uplift is looking for startups that have a potential to build and scale your business internationally. Startups with an MVP and some traction such as first customers, partners, subscribers, will have an advantage.
On 18 January 2020 startups will go through a progress evaluation and on 20 January come the Demo Day.

All you need is to fill the online form in this link and for every information you will be notified by the organizers.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to take part in a full-day long selection bootcamp, where the startups will present to mentors and partners. At the end of the bootcamp 6-8 startups will be selected to take part in the program.

About Uplift
Uplift is organized as a collaboration between CIVITTA Slovakia and Impact HUB Bratislava with the aim to support and develop the Slovak startup and innovation ecosystem. It’s been an established brand in the Slovak startup ecosystem and number one choice for early stage startups.

Uplift Albania is a close cooperation between SOVVA as the organizing entity of this specific project helping ICTSmedia to transfer know-how and start the first 2 batches of UPLIFT. SlovakAid financially supports the project.

About ICTSmedia
ICTSmedia is a leading publishing house in the region in the field of technology and information. Founder of Albanian ICT Awards, ICTSmedia support continuously similar event in Albania.

Multi-functional lab ICTSlab opened recently in Tirana with some of the best international curricula was made possible thanks to broad experience of ICTSmedia. It publishes some of the most viewed online medias dedicated to ICT like PCWorld Albanian.