Without an experience in programming or audio design, not everyone has the skill to create voice applications specially for Alexa and share with others.

This is how it all started for Juxhin Radhima and his innovative idea that wants to make the creation of audio applications for virtual platforms like Amazon Alexa an easy task for everybody.

The startup founded by him is called Ipervox and is managed by a team of five: Juxhin Radhima, Armand Sheshori, Elsa Cara, Krisli Pulaj and Anisa Likmetaj. Currently enjoys partnership with a leading company like Amazon.

Juxhin Radhima is a digital entrepreneur with years of experience in software development, startups and growth hacking. His first approach to conversational technologies began when he was 16, when he started developing his own prototype of chat-bot in C++. But the real breakthrough took place in 2016 when he decided to devote herself fully to the development of voice applications, with Amazon Alexa.

He started a personal blog with articles, video a courses to help educate entrepreneurs to the use of voice technologies and why they are important before he started Ipervox in 2019.

Recently Ipervox join the list of Alexa Champions 2020, a program founded to honor the biggest contributors of Alexa community together with 25 other startups.

Innovation at Ipervox lies in the ease of use where the end user needs no technical skill to create voice applications. It promises to eliminate the gap between the publication of content at visual platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and voice platforms like Amazon Alexa.


You can try Ipervox for free by visiting their website at https://ipervox.com/ and create voice applications in six different languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

The content can be text or video and a command is required to start it. Ipervox joined the first batch of Uplift Albania in November together with other 6 startups.

After two months of intensive workshops and training, startups presented their businesses in front of an audience of investors and tech community members on January 20.

Ipervox was selected the best startup by Uplift Albania Jury and was rewarded with the prize of 3,000-euros. Ipervox was also selected to go at Web Summit to be held on 2-5 November on Lisbon by Tegeria.

Eugene and his team want to make Ipervox a leader in the international market in the next 3-5 years.