The first 10 startups that represent the first batch of Uplift Albania accelerator program brought to Albania by ICTSmedia, started their journey on November 11-th 2019 to identify the challenges they face and their specific needs., Plexusvr, Moovy Food, Ipervox, Amargi, iAvokat,, Addo Group and Game On are the startups that successfully leaped forward to the final phase of Selection Bootcamp where they meet mentors, investors, businesses and leading experts in technology around the world. Uplift Albania accelerator program will surely leave a mark on their future accomplishments.

On 13 November the first workshop took place with business mentor Tomas Penxa. His expertise helped startups to define their KPI objectives used to assign mentors and field experts on the area they need improvement.

This process was concluded on November 15-th and the next workshop took place on 18 November with Arjeta Dhima and Shkelzen Marku focused on public speaking training and understanding customer/value proposition respectively.

One of the main Uplift Albania partners, Banka Credins hosted the third workshop on 25 November. Elvis Zerva, a legal expert and Mirela Malka, an expert in the field of intellectual property, led discussions and addressed the concerns of startups on these two aspects.

The first session by out mentor Elvis Zerva focused on legal and regulator problems startups may face while the second session by Mirela Malka was all about intellectual property and brand problems.

During this workshop with the support of EU for Innovation, Uplift Albania hosted dy specials guests, Apurv Mishra and Akash Mishra.

Apurv Mishra is a 29 year old serial entrepreneur, TED Fellow, CEO of Zeus Protocol Inc and leading expert in the space of Artificial Intelligence based in San Francisco.

His companies have collectively raised over $62 million dollars in the space of healthcare, data platforms and financial technologies. He has personally mentored founder and CEOs raising over $1.8 Billion dollars across Asia & US.

And Akash Mishra is Legal & Operations Lead at Zeus Protocol Inc. Previously an associate with Trilegal, Bangalore – one of the premier law firms in India.

After the workshop, Uplift Albania startups took the chance for a informal networking with mentors and guests.

Uplift Albania started its journey with the mission to support startup ecosystem in Albania, Kosovo and Region and came as a fruit of close cooperation with the founders of the biggest startup acceleration in Central Europe, Uplift.

More than 21 mentors and investors, Peter Kolesar, Jaroslav Luptak, Michal Laco, Eva Simekova, Mary MacPherson, Martin Kujan, Tomas Penxa, Andrej Petrus, Jules Banning, Igor Madzov, Marek Lavcak, Milan Steskal, Ladislav Kossar, Shkelzen Marku, Patrik Fetahaj, Rafaela Rica, Diana Xhumari, Egzon Halili, Erëmal Bajrami, Arjodita Mustali, and Marin Gjonaj will assist and invest in startups that will be joining Uplift Albania.

Uplift Albania comes thanks to close partnership of ICTSmedia and SOVVA with the financial support of SlovakAid, Credins Bank, Vodafone Albania, Albvision, Gjonaj Group and with the support of EU for Innovation, Tirana Muncipality, Swissep, Vigan, Tegeria, Luarasi University, ICTSlab. PCWorld Albanian, and SCAN Tv are media partners of this unique event.