In this Global Entrepreneurship Week, a celebration of innovators and successful startup founders, Uplift Albania invited Mr. Tal Catran to virtual meeting.

When people hear the word startup, the first thing that comes to mind is technology. Hosted to elaborate a way out of coronavirus pandemic for startups, Tal Catran, an accelerators guru, opened the virtual meeting speaking about difference between a startup and a small business.

The risk that startups face is bigger and when 96% of people say you are going to fail, at that moment you have to work harder,” Mr. Catran said.

Tal is a prominent figure in global innovation ecosystem. Founded 14 startup accelerators since 2012 in both Israel and abroad. During years he hosted more than 1,000 startups into his startup accelerators.

He serves as Advisory Board Member in various companies and technology startups mainly in cybersecurity, IT, AdTech, Retail, Drones, Homeland Security, and others. His involvement in hundreds of startups, accelerators, innovation centers, tech parks stretches from Israel to East Europe and Asia.

He encouraged startups to not be afraid of failure. “You are the type of people when faced with difficulties, your challenge them,” Mr. Tal said.

What startups should emphasize currently, which tech clusters are more affected by corona, can we still raise funds and how we can harness digital transformation to our advantage were the strong points of this virtual meeting.

He brought the experience of an entire ecosystem in Israel and startups in this country raise more than 1.2 billion dollars only in September. “We lived difficult times, and this help us become self-sufficient pushing us towards new ideas and solutions,” Tal said. The road towards success passes through failure.

Uplift Albania is heading towards the third month full of amazing workshops, training and meetings accompanied by 12 startups. Founded in support of innovation and startup ecosystem, Uplift Albania enjoys the support of not only and entire ecosystem but also regional stakeholders such as SOVVA, ICTSmedia, ICTSlab, SlovakAid, Vodafone Vodafone Business, Albision, EU for Innovation, Municipality of Tirana, Swissep, Huawei, EY, and PCWorld Albanian media coverage ,, ScanTV and GeekRoom.