The fourth edition of the biggest startup accelerator in Western Balkans, Uplift Western Balkans, began its acceleration program on September 16.

12 startups came on top of Selection Bootcamp which took place on September 8-10-12 in Pristina, Tirana and Gostivar respectively.

Organized by ICTSmedia in Albania, Venture UP in Kosovo and ICANN in North Macedonia, Uplift Western Balkans is the first startup accelerator founded in Albania 2019-ën with the support of SOVVA and Slovak Aid.

Uplift Western Balkans is financially supported by Minister of State of Entrepreneurship Protection and organized in the framework of Project “Qëndro” financed by Italian Government and implemented by UNICEF in Albania.

The first workshop of this edition came on September 16 joined by Kushtrim Xhakli, executive director of Connected Invention, a Finish company which produces and develops IoT devices highly energy-efficient, and solutions based on Sigfox technology.

He shared his personal experiences and some tips about the challenges and obstacles startups could possibly face in the future.

On September 23 Uplift Western Balkans hosted Admir Berbiu, an investor, entrepreneur, and partner of Tangent Line. Educated in engineering and business, Admir shared in-depth information about the world of investors based on his previous experiences and some advice on how to approach the investors.

On September 30 the third workshop came with Eneid Lika, a sales expert with a broad experience in telecommunication industry in Albania. During the meeting with startups, he talked about important steps these startups should take towards sales and growth.

Startups should always take into consideration to make a different approach to customers in comparison to what most people do,” he said during his presentation.

Uplift Western Balkans hosted the renowned Slovenian expert Peter Bruner, a team leader, visionary and business developer with experience in startup industry. He explained how startups can keep investor without revealing all the information but also shared some advice on how to manages different situations startup will face in the future.

Uplift Western Balkans workshop will continue during October preparing startups for November where the grand finale of demo-Day will take place.

The fourth edition of Uplift Western Balkans

Uplift Western Balkans was founded with the mission to turn Western Balkans into one of the most attractive startup ecosystems in Europe increasing their chances for success.

Uplift Western Balkans is financially supported by Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection and is organized in the framework of “Qëndro” Project financed by Italian Government and implemented by UNICEF in Albania.

Uplift Western Balkans is a program to support startups and organized by ICTSlab, in cooperation with VentureUP in Kosovo and Ican in North Macedonia.

Uplift also enjoys the support of a broad partnership such as partners such as SwissEPEU4InnovationAlbvisionBashkia TiraneUniversiteti i PrishtinesUniversiteti i Evropes Juglindore and many more partners.