In order to provide the Albanian start-ups with exposure and learning experiences, contributing to the development and expansion of their business operation, EU for Innovation opened the first call for applications on July 13 for 45 Albanian startups to join the Matchmaking and Exposure Programme in Germany.

Startups to participate in this program will travel to Germany for 2 weeks with all costs covered by EU for Innovation Project. It represents a unique opportunity for every startup to further develop their project and idea with German experts and startups.

During their stay in Germany, startups will go through an intensive program with German startup experts receiving the best expert advice and feedback on their business models, explore German startup scene, build connections with German startups and access a broad network of startups, business incubators, industry experts and large companies’ representatives in Germany.

The 45 startups will be divided in three cohorts with 15 each in order to get the best and personalized experience possible.

  • First Cohort invites all startups in tourism, agro-tech and clean tech sectors.
  • Second Cohort invites all startups in IT and online business, business development and gaming sectors.
  • Third Cohort invites all startups in education, social innovation and climate sectors.

As one of the main partners of Uplift Albania, EU for Innovation selected three startups which automatically will join Matchmaking and Exposure Programme without going through selection process. Amargi will be part of the First Cohort and PlexusVR and GameON on Second Cohort.

Call for applications for the First Cohort opened on July 13 and the deadline is August 21. Selection Process will carry all startups through a two-phase review process.

During the First Phase Albanian and German startup experts will review all applications and the most promising startups will be shortlisted. On the second phase the shortlisted startups will have their chance to pitch their business ideas personally and an independent group of experts will make the final decision.

The trip to Germany for the First Cohorts will take place during the fourth quarter of 2020. To apply in the First Cohort please follow the link:

Call for applications for the Second Cohort will open on July 24.