From October 19-24 Uplift Western Balkans startups joined a 5-day trip to Slovakia in the framework of Bridge2EU program.

Organized by ICTSmedia and hosted by CIVITTA in Slovakia, an agenda full to activities and knowledge exchange followed startups of the fourth edition of Uplift startups.

Bridge2EU represents a program built for technology startups to help them explore European startups ecosystems.

The trip was made possible thanks to the financial support of Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection of Albania and organized in the framework of “Qëndro” Project financed by Italian Government and implemented by UNICEF Albania.

From Tuesday to Thursday, ICTSmedia and CIVITTA organized an agenda full of workshops in the investment landscape, pitch training and startup roasting with the best investors in Slovakia.

The first workshop “Intro to Investment Landscape” was led by Michal Laco of CIVITTA on Thursday, October 20, 2022. More than 17 participants from Uplift Western Balkans startups, mentors and staff joined these workshops.

During the same day, Martin Bansky led ““Investor’s Perspective: How Are Investors Looking at Startups During the Investment Period” workshop.

Main Principles When Raising an investment” and “US Investment Landscape” workshops took place on October 20 led by Eva Simekova, Martin Vesely and Mary MacPherson respectively.

The second day, October 21, 2022, began with “How to be Clear When Formulating Your Business Case” workshop by Ben Gwillim followed by a second workshop “How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Interacting with Investors” by Andrej Dula.

Not only success stories but also failure from some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Slovak ecosystem.

From Friday to Sunday, Uplift Western Balkans attended an experience exchange program such as that of Climathon Bratislava.

More than 200 participants came to Climathon Bratislava from corners of Slovakia and Europe to work together on the common goal of how to improve life in Bratislava and turning into a more innovative and sustainable city.

30 teams worked day and night while 35 mentors from different backgrounds and technology companies came to challenge themselves but also support ideas fighting real problems the city was facing.

The sister event Climathon Tirana will be held on October 28-30.

For the first time the Bridge2EU program came to Albania in October 2021 to support new companies in the field of technology to gain access to financing and potential partners and consumers.

The fourth Edition of Uplift Western Balkans

Uplift Western Balkans began its acceleration program with the first workshop on September 16. For three months, startups were mentored by Albanian and international experts from different industries and field such as entrepreneurship, investing, startups, leadership, marketing, social media, online communication, branding etc.

The workshops were led by Peter BrunnerJewell SparksAdmir BerbiuEneid LikaKushtrim XhakliKotryna Kurt, Reita Hackaj and Henrik Lezi.

Uplift Western Balkans is financially supported by Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection and is organized in the framework of “Qëndro” Project financed by Italian Government and implemented by UNICEF in Albania.

Uplift Western Balkans is a program to support startups and organized by ICTSlab, in cooperation with VentureUP in Kosovo and Ican in North Macedonia.

Uplift also enjoys the support of a broad partnership such as partners such as SwissEPEU4InnovationAlbvisionBashkia TiraneUniversiteti i PrishtinesUniversiteti i Evropes Juglindore and many more partners.